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As the acceptable approximation of AP the volume of maximum permissible emissions (PD often is considered. If the size of pollution does not exceed PDV, this territory itself without additional expenses is capable to cope with anthropogenous loading.

The population of the concrete territory has to choose between consumption of the benefits received business activity and the accommodation benefit in a favorable environment. Thus, choosing, the consumer tries to make such decision at which limit usefulness of various benefits will be for it identical.

If the businessman conducts economic activity without costs of use of AP, he gains additional income of rent type. In this case all costs connected with deterioration of conditions of environment are distributed on all inhabitants of the territory (recipients).

the system of target reservation of funds for recycling is used for creation of incentives at consumers on implementation of additional costs. At the time of the purchase of goods predetermining the forthcoming pollution the contribution which comes back with percent after recycling (purchase of batteries, can type, etc.) is carried out.

Thus, regulating AP price we can regulate demand for it. Other factors influencing demand of AP are the output, number of the economic entities operating in this territory, and also the level of compensation technologies and their cost.

system of obligatory insurance of the activity connected with use of the Apostle. It is directed on creation of insurance reserves for elimination or reduction of the damage caused to an ecosystem as a result of the come insured event.

At all appeal of the specified method of the accounting of use of AP in economic activity and regulations of anthropogenous influence, it is necessary to designate the following fundamental conditions of its application:

Increase in production with simultaneous full compensation of anthropogenous impact on environment in principle is not possible. Carrying out actions for neutralization of this influence conducts to disproportionate increase of prime cost of a product.

Change of natural natural characteristics of an ecosystem and anthropogenous influence negatively influences conditions of activity of the person, deterioration which consequence, are estimated in terms of money.

On a piece of 0 fo of any damage it is not observed since the size of influence does not exceed the assimilatory capacity of the territory and it is absorbed without changes of quality of environment. Further at increase in influence fo there is more - the damage increases in process of increase in anthropogenous loading (a curve.

The correct combination resource-intensive and the resource-restoring kinds of activity can provide territory AP volume invariable within many decades (even without the potential innovative technologies reducing consumption of AP of the territory).