How I Went From A 2 To Study Philosophy

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During historical development the anthropogenous on the nature steadily prevails. Promptly urbanizatsionny processes. The role of the cities in life of society connected with concentration and strengthening of nonagricultural kinds of activity raises. The urbanization often conducts to pollution of the environment, to growth of needs for raw materials, resources, territories, what not the corresponds to conditions of a normal of the person, negatively affects on his health.

it is turned to the person, it is always connected with his this or that activity and it is shown in all that it is made of the Culture connected with activity there is no activity as represents the certain cut passing through all fields of activity of the person. The qualitative characteristics of the person making his culture act at the same time as a measure his, a measure of mastering by him conditions and in the ways of activity.

Dialogue of cultures represents the major in distribution of ideas of culture, in a of all that huge humanistic potential to which the mankind has. All world since an extreme antiquity gives us a set of examples of dialogue of cultures. Formation of mutual of the people, the states and individuals about each other also fell within the scope of this dialogue. On their basis there were certain, often very steady stereotypes, leaders or to respect and tolerance, or, on the contrary, to an, to rejection and even hostility.