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The main objective of work - to prove the leading directions of marketing activity promoting increase of efficiency of functioning and development of the company. During realization of a goal the following tasks will be solved:

The detailed description of each commodity unit which is a part of assortment groups (including the analysis of internal competitive of firm - special characteristics of the goods valuable to the consumer) is given in a. In the same place detailed information on assortment groups of goods JUICE is offered. For each assortment group I chose one JUICE, also as well as Loreal-Paris which is the global company and one of leaders in branch.

Thus, at orientation of the company Loreal-Paris in the activity on these segments of the market, cumulative solvent demand in this market will be maximum, on how many it is possible in this market in a economic situation in the country.

Besides, there are groups of goods of firm demand on which, most likely, will not change absolutely or will change slightly. It, first of all, means on care of hair (shampoos, balms, etc.), and also means for laying and hair-dyeing. The bulk of consumers this type of cosmetic goods to buy at rather low price, the same type of brands as the Loreal-Paris brand (brand type. Therefore the known firms which are letting out expensive and very expensive cosmetics do not make such goods for hair - due to the lack of demand (at high the prices it is unprofitable.

The horizontal axis to external advantage, which on distinctive of goods, - the market force of a. Existence of market force says that the company " to force the market to agree to the price of sales above, than at ­ the competitor, not corresponding quality"".

Thus, applying similar approach in the work, the company of a better to satisfy (and successfully it does) consumers, than competitive firms, getting thus high profits Loreal makes that about -

the companies, described by me in a, take the best positions in the segment of the market focused on brand 3 type (price level. The companies possess an external competitive and adhere to differentiation strategy. On Zh.'s scheme - Zh-Lambena they in the same zone, as the Loreal-Paris company. Such, image, the companies Shvartskopf, Vella and Oriflame are JUICE for Loreal-Paris, possessing superiority on the separate assortment groups specified in a

Let's consider this classification on an example 10-that the main brands of Group Loreal which goods are realized by four major divisions of Group in cosmetics sector. These divisions are:

The most important, in my opinion, demographic variable is ­ the population. It is connected with that goods Loreal-Paris, proceeding from the level of prices for them, are intended for the people having a certain level of the income, with these

The vertical axis corresponds to the internal competitive advantage based on leadership in costs. It means that the company has lower unit cost, than at competitors that, most likely, existence of certain organizational and production know-how.

duktion which is necessary or it will be necessary for consumers - today and tomorrow. It once again proves that the company works within the concept of marketing, "which assumes that achievement of the purposes by the company by result of definition of needs and inquiries of the target markets and satisfaction of the consumer, more in comparison with the rival companies"

Sales promotion - one more instrument of advance which the firm uses along with advertizing. Sales promotion "represents the motivation encouraging purchase or sale of goods or service" 26 and is carried out in three directions: stimulation of own trade personnel, stimulation of consumers and stimulation of trade. I will consider only stimulation of consumers.

The chairman of the board of directors and the general manager of Group Loreal Lindsay Owen-Jones claims that the success of the company is caused by that in the activity it relies on the only philosophy - the most effective and qualitative production at the price which is most acceptable for the consumer. In it Loreal high profits and continuous growth of number of consumers of goods. It is mission of the company