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Along with the given criteria in each case the enterprise has to develop independently the questionnaire in which it is necessary to reflect criteria, the most important from the point of view of the buyers forming demand for goods of firm

Classification of buyers by groups — important, the average importance and less significant — can be carried out by the ABC analysis method. For example, for buyers of goods of technological appointment ABC analysis includes research not of one (for example, the volume of a turnover of one group of the client of an indicator, and the most significant quality indicators and characteristics, for example, such as solvency, solidity of firm, balance of payments, duration of business communications. By results of ABC analysis "the portfolio of clients" which shows is formed peculiar, whether the structure of consumers defining demand for goods of firm "is healthy".

Dynamics and level of demand on the electric power in the country or the region, perhaps, as on one other goods, are a mirror of economic growth, reflect the level and rates of scientific and technical progress and already now became one of important indirect characteristics of quality of life. Therefore marketing in power industry is of particular importance not only for branch, but also for all national economy or the region.

Today's lack of money compels heads of power supply systems, power plants and the network enterprises "udeshevlyat" the expenses, first of all due to reduction of volumes of maintenance and repair works, that is only the most necessary works without which it is already impossible to operate without violations the most difficult power equipment, heathighways, power lines are performed.

Controlling sale is a purpose information support of process of decision-making in the sphere of sale therefore the results of the analysis accompanied with offers on ways of increase of efficiency of marketing activity have to be provided in the form of the report regularly responsible for the current regulation and advance planning of activity of firm.

Further it is expedient to think over, what accompanying services can be necessary for the buyer when using of goods of firm, and in the course of business communication or in the business message to notify the actual or potential clients on opportunities of your firm to render these services. Actions for involvement in a field of activity of sale of firm of creative potential of clients, especially at a stage of distribution of goods in their network give big effect.

Still there is actual receivables problem – on a number of the joint-stock company-power its size not only remains, but also continues to increase that has negative impact on a financial condition of the enterprises of branch.

The turn of commodity weight forms the size of the expected income, and growth of a turn at constant expenses on production promotes growth of the expected income. Therefore discrepancy in sizes of the expected income and expenses demanded for its receiving causes the necessity of adjustment as activity of service of sale, and other divisions of firm. Adjustment can consist or in reduction of target reference points of activity (residual profit, fund of compensation etc.), or in development of a complex organizational, including marketing, actions for increase of production efficiency and sales of products.

The listed problems it is necessary to solve, adjust the mechanism and an order of their decision. This work in respect of work with consumers, the solution of problems of payment, the accounting of the consumed energy lies in field of activity of Power sales. However given structures now still is not able to solve the problems which are rather effectively assigned to them. There is a lot of reasons for that, we will call only some of them: imperfection of organizational structure, lack of the demanded powers that reduces efficiency of the made decisions, lack of a hardware of Power sales, lack of regulation of relationship between divisions departments to the autonomous area-power and some other.

power efficiency of use of electric, also thermal energy. For growth of this efficiency there are large reserves, and the reduction of electricity consumption and heat following from here counting on unit of the useful effect brought by them not only gives economic advantages, but also reduces environmental pollution.

Power marketing activity is administrative activities for development and adoption of the administrative decisions providing effective sales by the made power supplying organization of energy to consumers (subscribers).