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Stimulation of sales has to include product sales by installments and sale at a discount for buyers of big parties. Pricing will be carried out taking into account expensive factors, price level of competitors and consumer ability of consumers.

The conveyor is equipped also with the device 9 for a tape tension. For the purpose of prevention of pro-slipping of the bulk cargo arriving on the conveyor the trailer reel 2 can be raised over a tape 3 therefore freight falls on a tape under an optimum angle and its pro-slipping is absent. At transportation of heavy freights (especially if they move on a tape from big height-. 5 m and Bol the conveyor on a site of its loading is equipped with the shock-absorbing device of belt or tape type, including located under the main tape of the conveyor (out of a zone of its loading) basic rollers with specially executed flutes in which maple belts are placed, or executed in the form of the short tape conveyor (length of 2-3 m) with a seamless tape.

The Marketing Expert program belongs to a class marketing sisity supports of decision-making and intends for the help to marketing managers in preparation of strategic and tactical plans of marketing.

Advance is aimed at the solution of two main objectives: demand stimulation (through increase in market size or expansion of the share) and improvement of image of the company and, in turn, consists from the following four component:

Transition to market economy was reflected in activity of many enterprises. For successful work of any firm it is not enough to increase competitiveness of the made products and services, it is necessary to provide interest of buyers, i.e. to carry out all complex of market researches.

- to develop the development plan of the enterprise or implementation of the investment project, having defined the most effective marketing strategy, and also the production strategy providing rational use of material, human and financial resources;

Planning is always connected with the future, and the model is representation of the expected reality. Thus representation of possible future strategy can be considered as modeling of the future. Development of modeling in finance goes on the way of creation of the models capable more and more adequately to describe reality. Rapid development of information technologies and computer facilities gives to experts ample opportunities in creation of more and more effective financial models.

The program automatically chooses that type of model which most corresponds to nature of process - or model of autoregression and the integrated sliding average, or seasonal model of autoregression and the integrated sliding average for creation of the forecast.

The indicator internal standard of profitability sometimes is called coefficient of profitability of investments which pays off by definition of a discount rate at which the specified cost of the sum of future receipts equals the specified cost of expenses.

For definition of need for financing it is necessary to make predesign of the project. As a result of predesign efficiency of the project without capital cost is defined, and also the amount of money necessary and sufficient for a covering of deficiency of the capital during each settlement period of time decides on a step one month.

Shows possibilities of the enterprise in ensuring sufficient volume of profit in relation to the used current assets of the company. Than value of this coefficient is higher, especially current assets are effectively used.

Reflects the speed of realization of stocks. For calculation of coefficient in days it is necessary to divide 365 days into value of coefficient. In general, the indicator of turnover of stocks is higher, the less means are connected in this least liquid group of assets. Increase of turnover and decrease in stocks in the presence of considerable debt in liabilities of the company is especially actual.

Shows how effectively the company uses investments into working capital and as it influences growth of sales. Than value of this coefficient is higher, especially net working capital is effectively used by the enterprise.

The present section reflects planning of details of a complex of the marketing defining as a set of the variable factors of marketing which are giving in to control which set the producer will be able to use in aspiration to cause response from the market i.e. to provide sale of the made products.