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5 things you need to compare and contrast

Profitability of the permanent capital - reflects efficiency of the capital utilization enclosed in activity of the enterprise for long term (own and loan). At profitability in 2,06% you should not invest money in this enterprise. It will hardly be able to find the serious investor.

The financial analysis is an essential element of financial management and audit. Practically all participants of the market use methods of the financial analysis for decision-making on optimization of the interests.

Profitability of the capital - shows efficiency of use of all property of the enterprise. Decrease it testifies to the falling demand for production of the enterprise and to overinvestment of assets. We see falling of this indicator by 14 times.

Liquidity of balance is defined as degree of a covering of obligations of the enterprise by its assets which term of transformation into a monetary form corresponds to a repayment period of obligations. The balance is considered absolutely liquid if the ratio takes place:

The basic (and in some cases and the only thing) a source of information on financial activity of the business partner are accounting reports which became public. The reporting of the enterprise in market economy is based on synthesis of data of the financial account and is the information link connecting the enterprise with society and business partners - users of information on activity of the enterprise.

Means, almost all property of the enterprise is made by low-liquid non-current assets. Most likely their such big growth is caused, to some extent, by revaluation of fixed assets, the part of means (small) was enclosed in incomplete construction. At such structure of assets the enterprise has to lack constantly current assets.

Profitability of own capital fell by 14,7 times. This coefficient shows efficiency of use of own capital. Dynamics has it impact on the level of the quotation of a stock of the enterprise at stock exchanges.