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7 tips to be the world’s best law student

4 Before turning on of the electric boiler it is necessary to check a hand a rise in a nest and rotations of the valve turbine, and also an of the safety valve for what a hand to lift it for a. At the same time to let out the air from a copper shirt via the blowing-off crane.

3 Operation of electrodevices without switches and switches is not allowed. Work on the electrodevices connected to the power supply network directly and also without existence of dielectric rubber rugs is not allowed.

This practice helped me to study in more detail cook business, brought a confidence element in my work, once again convinced me that the specialty chosen by me brings me true satisfaction.

4 Before inclusion of a boiler in work it is necessary to be convinced of filling by its water, free intake in it of water, operation of the float-operated valve, and also of opening of the gate on a of hot water.

After each dismantling of electric part the grinder needs to be put on trial for the elektrochesky durability of isolation in a cold state which has to maintain within 1 min. sinusoidal voltage of 1250 V, with a frequency of 50 Hz. Power of the raising transformer has to be not less than 500 V A.

Separate chicken fillet with a stone, separate small fillet, slightly, put an oil slice on big fillet, in the form of the cylinder, small fillet, wrap big fillet and give the form, moisten in the lyezena, coat with breadcrumbs in a white breading, moisten in the lyezena, coat with breadcrumbs in a white breading. Oil is warmed to 160 ±.

4 Before opening of a cover of a pishchevarochny copper it is necessary in 5 minutes prior to opening to reduce heat supply to the device, to lift the klayopan-turbine for a ring a wooden core and to exhaust from a copper. After pressure drop in a copper (the valve turbine does not spin) folding bolts, slightly weakening at first back, then averages and at last the last. Then in the same sequence bolts sya finally.

The cut potatoes are put in the warmed fat, fried to readiness of 8 - 10 minutes, thrown back on a colander, salted and stirred up. Cutlets are fried in hot fan of 5 - 7 minutes before formation of a ruddy crust, to readiness in a zharochny case.

2 Before rearranging heated ware or ware with food from one workplace on another, warn about this the standing workers. At transfer of hot food the cannot press to itself.